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Would You Watch This Channel Is There Anything I Can Add To Make It Better

How can I watch a Discovery Channel Program after it has already aired?

Try or type that title into a search and it should have a link of where its available. you tube shows many discovery channel programs. will show them too but they charge you money, they make you buy it. also shows them as well If its been a month or more since it aired originally, usually youtube has them by then.

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Teens: Do you still watch anything on Disney Channel?

Only Phineas and Ferb & Gravity Falls. I'm not gonna miss when P&F have to go back to school. And, idk what it is, but I have some weird obsession with Gravity Falls. My Dad watches it with me, and we basically just poke fun at it. I used to watch it all the time. Suite Life was my favorite, right next to Lizzie McGuire. I wonder what poor Walt Disney would think of Disney Channel today...

What would you like to watch in a new youtube channel?

Hi, I recently graduated hugh school and since I've been on summer vacation, I've had some thoughts. I really would like to make some videos for my youtube channel that teens and young adults would enjoy. However, I'm not really sure what kind of videos to do. I've made short comedy sketches with my brother and some of them were great and others were not so great. That's why I'm starting over with my own channel. So, my question to you, as a viewer, is what would you like to see? Funny stuff, blogs, advice videos, me doing random things? Any appropriate suggestions are greatly appreciated. Oh, I'm a girl by the way.

How can I watch something from my laptop on my TV?

I have stuff on my computers that I would live to be able to watch on my TV, but I don't have any cables to connect the two. I want to know it there is anyway to watch the stuff on my laptop, without 1. transference it to a flash drive or a DVD and 2. with out the cables.

I have windows 7 is that makes any difference. I also have a PlayStation3 so if there is anyway to do it through there.

Anyways please give me your suggestions and tell me what I can do.

I'm hesitant to write an answer because it might not be what you want to hear.To preface this, because a successful female streamer is tough. It's one of the hardest things to be as a woman.This is because Twitch is sexist. Not everyone is, but as a whole unit they are. I work on Twitch and some of the things chat says is supremely offensive, and the attitude towards to female and black streamers is unfair and uncool.The reason you had a big hit the first day is because you are attractive and cosplay. Many trolls tuned in for that. When it turned out you weren't the type of streamer to sell out for donations or a "cam streamer" many left. The fact that any remained is a testimony to your skill and personality. And big testimony at that. Many streamers wait years before hitting 30 concurrents.So instead of stressing about viewership, be yourself, have fun, and be CONSISTENT :) gl

Yes, you can watch your favorite Hallmark channel series and movies on your Roku.There are 5 ways to stream Hallmark channel on your Roku.One way is to launch the Hallmark channel app on you Roku by providing the cable or satellite provider account info (Note: you need to have cable subscription for adding it)Sling TV Subscription - You can also stream the Hallmark Channel on Roku through Sling TV Subscription. Because Sling TV offer Hallmark channel. You can also try the 7-days free trail pack of sling (sling TV is a live TV package which starts from $20 for a month)YouTube TV subscription - It also offer Hallmark Channel. You can also make use of it.PlayStation Vue subscription - Stream the Hallmark channel through the Playstation vue subscription (you can also make use of the trail pack)DirecTV Now subcriptions - It also has Hallmark channelHallmark Channel Support Device:Roku Streaming deviceApple TVAndroid TVAmazon Fire StickChromecastSamsung TVsiPhoneiPadAndroid phoneKindle FireWindows 10 mobile phoneXbox OneFor more about Hallmark channel original movies and TV shows please comment below. THank you

it is quite difficult to watch a private video because when you will (as a simple youtube user) try to access someone’s private video you will get through thissee you can only access someone’s private video when only you are permitted by the owner of the video but then comes when you are not a simple youtube user mean you can a youtube developer or maybe someone else who can access these videos without any difficultybecause these people have different apps (in my knowledge ) which allows them to watch any private video with an ease.hoping it’s useful!!-Sudhanshu Kumar