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Wrinkle Filler Less Than 15 Dollars

Why are Botox and filler injections so expensive?

My guess is that the markup is around 50%. Botox and Juvederm are actually low margin products for the plastic surgeons.Let me break it down for you. One vial of Botox, which contains 100 units, typically sell for ~ $500 dollars to Physicians. Because the physicians have to reconstitute Botox from powder to liquid form, they typically can't get all 100 units out. They'll lose ~ 10 units from reconstitution. Say they get 90 units out of it, then it cost them about $6/unit. Typically they use about 20 - 30 units for glabellar furrows and brows, which result in product cost of about $120 - $180 per injection.The fillers can be more expensive. If you are using Juvederm Voluma, which can last two years, the manufacturer is selling it for ~ $1000/syringe. For Juvederm XC or Restylane, you can probably get it from manufacturers for $350/syringe. If the physician is very popular and use a lot of products, he can get a discount of up to 20% from the manufacturers. But most physicians don't get that much discount. 5% - 10% discount is more common.In total, you have about ~ $500 - $550 in product cost (Botox + Juvederm). The physicians time is trivial. I bet it took the doctor 10 - 15 minutes max to do the injection itself.You can get more information from here CosmeSys | Private, free, personal “try-on” site for plastic surgeryCosmetic enhancement is an area where people, frankly, should negotiate. Here is an article about it. You Should Negotiate with Your Cosmetic Surgeon - According to Forbes. Asking for 10% off and you'll probably get it!

How can I fix this, the left side of my face is wider, less fat, and the jawline, and cheekbone is more prominent. The right is very noticeably smaller. My right cheeks are also more chubby. Can I fix this without surgery? If so, what can I do?

Hi There!According to MedlinePlus - Health Information from the National Library of Medicine, Craniofacial Reconstruction (that’s what it’s called), is when bones of the face is cut and moved or repaired. This is a last resort procedure and only necessary if you have serious issues with face pain and being able to talk and laugh, etc. Anyone who has been in an accident and had bones damaged would recommend it if it improved their face.You could, and I would highly recommend this, do some targeted facial exercises to build up face muscles around your cheeks and jawline on each side. Face Yoga is a good option and you can find tutorials online with video guidance.Lastly, many of us have face asymmetry (when both sides of the face is not the same) issues because of genetics and sometimes it is more pronounced than in others. Getting a different haircut to enhance our good features and applying simple but effective makeup during the day usually fixes most of our problems.Another thing, I personally feel that being a friendly and helpful person wherever you are is more attractive than anything else. People are usually drawn to such people because of their disarming smile and easy-going personality.I hope I gave you some food for thought.Wishing you the best.