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Write A Letter To Your Cousin Advising Him To Not Skip His Breakfast

Date:To The PrincipalSchoolAddressDear Sir/Madam,Sub: Transfer CertificateI hereby request you to kindly issue a transfer certificate for NAME , CLASS and SECTION/DIVISON, ADMISSION NUMBER since we are moving to our home town due to my father's unexpected job related relocation.I wish to request a transfer certificate at the earliest convenient time for you. Thanking you in anticipation. Yours faithfully,NameAddressContact Details

Mr. Smith,Thank you for your e-mail. I regret that I am unable to attend our meeting on Monday. I apologize for any inconvenience.Yours,Jayla PlunkettIf you wish to reschedule, you could include:“Please let me know what other times might work for us to meet. If this is not possible, please send me the pertinent information covered at the meeting and I will respond as soon as possible.”

A letter to communicate your child’s absence from school should not be overly complicated.The letter should contain your address, date, the address of the recipient, a salutation, a subject and the body of the letter.The letter should be respectful and say why the child is going to be absent and for how long.The letter below shields more light.[00/ 00/ 0000][Name of School Head][School Name][Address][City, State, Zip Code]Dear [Title & Recipient’s Name],Request for Child’s Absence from SchoolMy [son/ daughter] will not be able to attend school for [] days, please accept this letter as a formal request to allow [him/ her] be excused during this period.[His / Her] absence is as a result of [a vacation /illness /scheduled hospital visit].I am deeply sorry for the academic disruption this will cause and will be willing to do whatever you suggest to make up for the lost time.I believe I can rely on your continuous understanding,Sincerely,[Signature][Sender’s Full Name]This sample should work for most typical situations, you can, however, if you need some more such samples you can check.

Can you write a hunky dory story with these "H" words in the given order?

Silva, Sarge, Sunshine, Matt and ..... Miss Kitty

Sunshine:" SILVA!!! I wanna see you Hop, skip and a jump your way out of the line of vision!!"
The Rose Bowl had just begun and Sunshine's dad's alma mater was playing Illinois. Her decesaed husband was an Illini so it was a game filled with emotion for the cowgirl.
Silva:"Holy mackeral, Sunshine..... Just how MANY games are important to you?!"
Sunshine: I will root, until the day I die, ALL through the Army-Navy Game, a Redskins-Cowboy match up, and......"
Kitty:" Will you please shut up?! I am dying for some Hagen Daz." In a VERY Hoity toity fashion..... " Sarge, dear, will you please run out and get some?"
Sarge put his Bible and glasses down and started to answer.
Sunshine:"Sarge? Allow me....... Stop all your Hellacious
attitude, Kitty! Sarge is busy with his Christian studies. "
Sarge smiled adoringly at Sunshine as she patted him on the head.
Silva: " Hurray! Maybe we're gonna have a real RUMBLE !!"
Suddenly , Sarge started speaking "in tongues"..........
"Hester. Hector. Hester. Hector. Do you, don't you want me to love you? I'm coming down fast but I'm miles above you.
Tell me tell me tell me come on tell me the answer."
Sunshine started laughing uproariously and joined in:
" ♫Homina, homina, homina.....Well you may be a lover but you ain't no dancer. ♫"
Before Kitty had a chance to grab a Zanac, Matt stood up and sang out in his unmistakable baritone:
"♫Look out, 'cos here she comes. Yeah here she comes. Here comes my Okie Dokie Annie Oakley.......
Silva , as is her wont, jumped up on the dining room table and did her version of the Middle East Belly Button Be Bop:
Kitty finally found her voice...... " Heaven help this group of WILD and CRAZY GUYS!!!"


My family keeps calling me fat but I'm not?

Okay, so I'm 14years old 5'2" and I weigh around 85-90lb. This whole summer my family's been calling me fat and it's making me feel so self conscious. I do eat a lot, but I have a fast metabolism so I don't really gain any visible weight. My mom kept making fun of me earlier in the summer and kept saying "You have thunder thighs!" or "You're thighs are almost as big as your sisters!"(My thighs aren't even that big..) orr "Even I'm skinner than you!" (My mom's nowhere near being skinner than me) My older sister (age 17) also makes fun of me.. she always says that her thighs are smaller than mine and same with her stomach and neither is true. She makes fun of me because when she was my age she was like a stick, so she says, and she was a size 14 in pants, but I'm a size 16. Now that my older sister and my mom both keep calling me fat, my younger sister (age 8) thought it was okay to do too, so now even she does it. I know that I'm not fat, and I'm actually a little bit less than average weight, but my family's making me so self conscious about my body. I haven't worn shorts all summer because of it too, and I've been eating a lot less than I used to and I used to skip dinner a lot, but now I'm doing that with lunch or breakfast. I don't know why my mom and sisters keep calling me fat, I'm really not.. but my mom noticed what it's doing to me so she stopped, but my sisters are doing it even more. I've been trying to lose weight too. I don't know what to do. I keep asking them to stop calling me fat, and I even went off on them a few times but they just won't. Any help? Thank you so much xox

Do band, sports, theatre, ANY SORT of club that you'd be interested in, do it.Don't use a locker. Waste of time. Get a nice backpack, and a nice 2″ binder to keep all your subjects in. Only keep current units in the binder and clean it out regularly.Organize your papers… alteast enough that you understand where everything isTry to like the subjects (I know bit try) enjoy the learning processBe kind to your teachers, including subs. They chose to be a teacher because of kids that love to learn.Try to mix with a lot of different people. They may seem intimidating, but by graduation you'd have had multiple classes with them allKeep two note books. One messy as hell with incoherent pictures for in class to keep up, then another one at home you transfer information neatly intoHand Sanitizer, share itLotion, share it (dudes too don't be crusty)Water bottle!!!Review for at least 30 a night, even if it's just rereading notesThe PIN method is a memorization tool to remember things in a certain order by associating the number with a weird mental imgae about that object. Works even for things with out orderSimilarly “cheat” by drawing random things on your hands and link some information to it. Technically not cheating because it's still your knowledge.Listening to those “studying playlists” that are just random classical movements, nah. I don't know about you but I lose my s t when one of Phe Planets comes one.MANY PENCILS AND ERASERSBrown nose, but be chill. It will only help you. You won't be considered a loser if youre just nice and respectfull. They're people too. Have a conversation once and a while.Follow the law. No speeding. Being late can be forgiven. Speeding tickets, that's money, demerits, and a record.If you have to be drunk to have any fun. You don't know how to funSmile at people… all the timeBasically just dont be a d k to anyone and study a bit every night.PS Bullying shouldn't be an issue, but if it is, TELL SOMEONE PLEASE. If your mental health is the s t, TELL SOMEONE PLEASE. School is flawed but people do care.

When I lost my father, I heard "blah, blah, blah, blah, blah" no matter what people actually said. And I responded "thank you" no matter what they said.They could have been saying, "Your Dad was a bastard and owed me money," but I still responded "Thank you."Condolences are "blah blah" because there isn't anything that anyone can say, not really. There's nothing comforting in "Thinking of you" or "He's happier now" because he's gone and it doesn't matter whether he's watching me or not, I can't call him after a bad play in a playoff game or tell him about some fun technological thing he'd be interested in.The only thing you're expected to say is "Thank you," which means "I see you talking at me, but my mind is far away processing this loss." Just say "Thank you".

This is a fiction of my work. With no relation to any of my experiences.Nikita picked up the phone and dialled the number. After a few rings a guy picked up.‘Hello.’Silence.‘Hello.’Silence“This is too much. You have been calling me since three days now but you don't speak. I can see your name in true caller. Nikita Sharma right? Why don't you say something? If there was some other guy instead of me, he would have made your life hell. Hello!”Silence.Nikita hung up the call. And cried.The next day she rung up the number again.“Hello! Dude, this is not funny anymore. What do you want? One more call and I will go to the police station.”“No!” Said Nikita. “I am sorry. I won't bother you again.”“Hi, do we know each other?”‘No.’“Then where did you get my number and why do you call me?”“It was my father's number. It got reallocated to you. I am sorry.”“Your dad......??”“He passed away few months back in an accident when he was talking to me on the phone, while driving.”There was a pin drop silence. And then the other end spoke.“Call me whenever you wish to, beta. Anytime.”Both cut the call with moist eyes and a smile.Never talk to a person when he/she is driving. The biggest heart ache is to hear that number ringing, but a different voice answering it.